The tail that wags so hard the whole body moves, is the best welcome home. The low purr of a cat sitting in your armchair helping you relax. The trust and respect your horse gives you after you devote your early mornings and tired evenings. The unconditional love and loyalty between a pet and its owner is one of the beautiful reasons I have a deep compassion for animals. From this reason I feel one of my purposes in life is to create unique original oil paintings of peoples beloved pets which can be treasured forever. 


I have been a keen painter since school and all through college. But having completed a degree in Interior Design at Northumbria University I found myself intuitively returning back to painting. 


In April 2018 I started ‘Art by Danielle’ and have been busy painting pet portraits ever since! 


I am a self-confessed, slightly obsessed dog lover. I have my very own King Charles Cavalier Spaniel, Jasper. He is a cheeky chap with very long legs and he spends most of his time chasing birds on long walks. 

I consider my style to be contemporary, as I use bold colours for the backgrounds. This creates a contrast with the realism of the pet, making the whole painting “pop”. This means the piece can be a real feature in your home, as the colour can be chosen to compliment any colour scheme you already have.

Every animal has their own unique character. The magic of my pet portraits lies in the way I capture their personality using every brushstroke to bring them to life. From personal experience I know pets are members of the family and so each one of my pieces is a labour of love.


I have painted dogs, cats and horses for all sorts of occasions. From Christmas, Birthday and Anniversary presents to creating a wonderful memento of a cherished companion. If you would like to see your beloved pet captured in a piece of art get in touch.