15 Random facts about me

A little insight into my life outside of painting.

1. My favourite colour is yellow.

2. I have been with my fiance for 11 years since we was 13!

3. I did a degree in Interior Design. This is my second passion other than painting. My interior style is natural, light, calming colours with a minimal theme and little detail or clutter. My obsession with minimalism started after I watched ' The Minimalists' documentary. I was hooked and have spent the last 3 years getting rid of things, I even got rid of my TV!

4. Both my parents where body builders and owned a gym, which is where I spent a lot of my childhood (My Dad won Mr England and my Mom won Mrs Britain)

5. I was an only child up until the age of 14, then my sister came along, she is now 10.

6. I have moved quite a lot. I was born in Birmingham, but at age 10 moved to Haverhill, a small town near Cambridge. Just after turning 18 I went to Newcastle for University, from here I moved to York for a graduate job, after living in York for 2 years I moved back to my home town 'Haverhill' and in the next two months I will be moving to Oxford, where I hope to stay for a bit, feeewww.

7. I am getting married August the 8th which is in roughly 10 weeks.

8. I am 24 years old.

9. I am only 5ft 1 inches tall.

10. I did a beauty pageant 3 years ago, where I represented Newcastle, this was quite an experience, but wouldn't do another one.

11. I love healthy food and exercising. I exercise about 4 times a week with my mom and eat salads everyday.

12. I use to have a gap in my front teeth, but then got braces for 3 years! They were only meant to be on for 1 and a half years, so cruel.

13. One of my dreams is to design and build my own house.

14. I am left handed and Dyslexic.

15. I have a King Charles Cavalier called Jasper, he is 4 years old and a very mischievous chap with big floppy ears and super soft fur.

I hope that helps you understand me a bit better, it is very easy to hide behind my art work and I find it hard to share personal stuff as I am quite a private person.


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