Jeff Koons - The Balloon Dog

Fun, colourful and contemporary.

Jeff Koons ‘Balloon Dogs’ are large sculptures inspired by the balloon's clowns make for children.

These large sculptures are 121 x 143 x 45 inches in size and are made from mirror-polished stainless steel which is then coated with a translucent colour. 

In 2013 Jeff Koons ‘Orange Balloon Dog’ sold for $58.4 million, making a new world record for living artists work sold at auction. 

Jeff Koons has now made smaller more affordable ‘Balloon Dogs’ at $450 dollars each, which are 30 x 30 x 12cm in size. I think these would be a great way to add fun and colour into an Interior. I will defiantly be adding one to my wish list.

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